The animals of Alberta, Canada spawn in the vast wilderness of the brush, and serve as a major component of the game. The animals may prove to be harmful or fearful to the PC (player character), depending on their behavior. Some animals such as bears be harmful to the player and other creatures, if they care aggetate it. Others, like deer or foxes, will flee the player character, proving to be exhausting to the player, as they chase them through the forest and fields.

Every part of the animal can be used, such as fur and bones, to be crafted into useful equipment to aid the player. The meat may be eaten, but it must not be eaten raw, as eating it raw will negativ affect the player. The meat also may expire as time passes, forcing the player to plan out meals and hunting trips accordingly, as eating spoiled meat will almost always effect the player negatively. The meat may possibly be used as bait to put in traps to lure carnivores, such as bears and other meat-eating creatures.

Animal resources such as fat, bones, skin, meat, antlers, teeth, skulls, feathers, scales and more of the sort could be used for crafting certain makeshift materials when combined with other things, such as twine and sticks. The possibilities are really endless with crafting.

Fishing is also a major element in the game click here for more on that: Fishing