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Hey Guys!

This one is quite a bit different to what I’ve released thus far and I’m super excited about it. Throughout this video, in which I talk with weapon modeller Stefan, you’ll see several fully rendered and textured models of the weapons we’ll use in-game. This is how they’ll appear when we get our hands on them! We talk about each one in detail.

Here’s some timestamps, for those that just want to take a look at the guns themselves. There are several variants of each gun shown!

01:38 – 22LR
04:30 – P220
07:40 – Mosin
11:50 – Mossberg 500
18:31 – MP7A1
24:30 – Lee Enfield
29:01 – AS VAL
35:16 – Maxim 9
38:58 – R8 Revolver
42:16 – M14

Dead Matter is set in Alberta, Canada. The game is currently in development, due for Closed Alpha in March 2020.

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Official Website: https://playdeadmatter.com/

Forums: https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/ind

Discord: https://discord.gg/deadmatter

Indiegogo Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/de

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