Closed Alpha

I’m ecstatic to be able to tell you all that the dreaded Roadblock has been removed!

We are now wrapping up the necessary work to finalize the changes we needed to make. The 14-day countdown will begin toward the end of next week once we have confirmation from IndieGogo of the campaign end date. Once the countdown has begun, we will begin inviting our Partners to test the Closed Alpha before we start rolling out keys to our backers.

Important: After the countdown has ended, backing through IndieGogo will no longer be available. Those interested in backing and getting access to the Closed Alpha will still be able to back via

We are also opening up Partner Applications again!

Interested Streamers and Content Creators can apply be contacting one of our Community Staff via private message after joining >Our Official Community Discord Server<. Applicants are required to have their relevant accounts (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) linked to their Discord accounts in order to verify their legitimacy. We are looking for creators with at least 5k followers or subscribers, or outstanding Dead Matter content. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Kyle has been hard at work smashing bugs with the dedicated server systems, getting vehicle keys implemented so they work with motors as intended, improving the character creation experience, and setting up a readme for server owners to assist with server configuration.

He’s also implemented the ability to hit and damage the Infected with car doors. Driver beware: this will damage your doors and potentially shear them off, leaving drivers open to attack inside their vehicles.

Nomad has polished up the home security system panel from the Kickstarter era. Similar to the fire alarms shown off in previous updates, players will be able to see the status of the alarm on the pan itself and turn it on and off if they have the code handy.

Dead Matter home security system panel

He has also begun work on another player base trap – the lawn mower trap:

player base trap - the lawn mower trap

Constructed from salvaged wood, a cannibalized lawn mower engine, and some sharp metal bolted to the top of the shaft, this whirling deathtrap is a welcome addition to deter unwanted guests. Be careful, though – the trap starts immediately when activated, so players will want to be prone before starting the engine.

Rizz has reworked the baseball bats to bring them to a more uniform quality and add more capability for modifications. Note: the gray models in the back of the image are works in progress.

Dead Matter baseball bats

Hax spent the last week overhauling the first person hands, optimizing the glass materials, and adding a second mode to the “Shooter’s Challenge” on the Shooting Range. He has also added weather support to the soundscapes on the map:

Alright everyone. That wraps up this development update. Thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to your feedback and chatting with you all.

If you’re not a backer already and want to support the development of Dead Matter, you can back the project at the following links:



Even if you can’t, or aren’t comfortable with backing just yet, spreading the word to your friends and talking about the game helps all the same.

Thank you all again for your patience.

Plan accordingly,


Source: JULY 31 UPDATE